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Disability Advisory Group

We the disabled community in New Zealand and around the world face a range of difficulties not faced by the average person or their family.

Our group is formed to advise councils and the government on the concerns you may have, the idea here is to advise on what could be done better to ensure disabled people are included. I believe the disabled are just people and have a lot to contribute to the planning process. Think! if you involve disabled people, it may be possible to reduce the chances of new bigger barriers continuing to be built.

Why in 2022 are we still building inaccessible places. It is really difficult for the average normal person with a disability to get heard.

This website tells you a bit about us and our ideas. Our Facebook page is designed to allow people to join the conversation and speak about how your council or government can help.

We Want To Help Take That Stress Away

Join The Effect:

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Are you affected by some type of disability, I certainly am, do you feel that your council and government will not listen to your concerns.


Do uneven surfaces and footpaths make moving about difficult.


What about parking do you avoid busy places because you can not get a car park?


We want our planners to listen. Our group is global we listen to experts in other more developed counties we learn and try to pass our knowledge onto the people in power.


This Website - Disability Advisory Group has a Facebook page you may comment on to make your concerns public. 

We Want To Make A Difference

D_A_G - Home Page Our Role

Our Role Is Helping Others:

We are currently self-funded so only have ourselves as sponsors, However, I do run a business Website Design Whangārei

The income from my business along will endless hours of effort supports currently three community-based websites listed below as partners.

My goal is to better the lives of many.

D_A_G - Home Page Our Partners

Our Partners:

ACC Advocates NZ

Children with Disability NZ

Disability Advisory Group NZ

D_A_G - Home Page What We Think

What We Think:

A New Zealand disability advisory group with an eye on the world looking for solutions to shared problems. 

I have also branded the disability advisory group on FB as a global brand.

We will use social media as well as this website to get our message across.

D_A_G - Home Page Our Founder


CEO/Chairman: Glen McMillan

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