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D_A_G New Zealand Accessibility Issues:

DI am disabled over 85% disabled accessibility is very important to me, I had an accident when I was ten, this accident left me with long term disabilities, I spent four years in hospital after my accident I had to learn to walk and talk again, I have a reconstructed airway, so it is not only my mobility that is an issues my breathing is also an issue.


Disability Advisory Group New Zealand. Positive is the way forward. March 2018 I have started Disability Advisory Group New Zealand.

My new online DAG New Zealand will bring any important disability related issues to the attention of Local Councils and Government in the hope of changing them to something positive to benefit all people both the disabled and non disabled. Transparency is the best detergent, we want our online DAG to be open and honest.

Let's Look At Why There Are Negatives...

This is why disabled people such as myself come across barriers that a non disabled person would normally walk around without noticing, so when the disabled complain, able bodied people may think the disabled person is being negative because they are complaining So I will present these negative experiences the disabled face in a high tech image rich format. I favour the use of interactive before and after sliders, let the viewer decide, please view my before and after gallery. We are backed with the full social media platform all under one brand disabilityadvisorygroup we are on Facebook and Youtube and most other platforms.


The plan is to open the eyes of Local Councils and Government in a way they can also see the negatives and then take measures to turn them into positives. A perfect business example would be Briscoes, I asked that they make their store more accessible for mobility scooters, no no was the reply.


I worked with Briscoes management on this, the Briscoes manager agreed to make changes reluctantly, but it turned out very well.


The manager now likes my thinking to the point of stopping me in the street for a conversation, with good reason, after he had made the store more accessible for mobility scooters it also became more accessible for shopping trolleys, Briscoes turnover increased. So in this way a negative turned into a positive for everyone.


Do uneven surfaces and broken footpaths make moving about difficult. What about parking do you avoid busy places because you can not get a car park? Should the disabled be forced to use inaccessible parking ticket machines?


We the disabled community in New Zealand face a range of difficulties not faced by the average person or their families. New Zealand Government and Councils have established disability advisory groups. These groups are formed to advise Councils on the concerns they may have, no doubt the idea here is to advise council what could be done better to ensure disabled people are included I am one of the disabled people, Disabled people have a lot to contribute to Government and council planning. It is really difficult for the average normal person with a disability to get heard, Council DAG seats are limited.


From the feedback I am receiving Council D_A_G across the country are not operating as they should we want to change that.

This online Disability Advisory Group is set up so people can speak up and councils may have to rethink their priorities.


Disabled people are not a priority because nobody can hear them in numbers for council and governments to notice, let's change that, lets be heard. all over the world social media is seen and heard, this gives people a voice, disabled people included.


I am building this website and accompanying social media platform. Facebook will be our main platform. Here is our Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/disabilityadvisorygroup


I need people to join me and speak about how your council can help. There are links on this site which will make it easier for you to connect with the correct people at your local council.

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