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D_A_G - Compare Countries & Disability Laws

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On this webpage, we are providing links to disability laws from around the world. We will provide direct links to the top countries closest to our own country New Zealand.


We will also provide a link to the united nation's list of disability laws country by country this is a worldwide list. How do we compare? 


As a disabled person living in New Zealand, I think we compare poorly to many developed countries. We do have some laws but adherence to the written rules is poor.

Make A Diffrence Today!

New Zealand is a developed country yet in many respects we are still 20 years behind other counties in acceptance of disabled people. 


New Zealand does not have the same protections as other counties, in many counties where there is a chance of being sued people make great efforts to not get sued to make sure they stay within disability-related requirements.


I am disabled my body struggles sometimes, But my mind is strong and analytical. I use mind power to overcome barriers.


On the subject of barriers and the creation of these websites. As I aged I found my disability slowed me down physically barriers were popping up not natural barriers but built barriers.


It has become clear we live in a world built by and for able-bodied people.


The disabled are being forgotten. I became deputy chair on my local council disability advisory group, this was so frustrating, group members gave their best but barriers remained.


I started Disability Advisory Group NZ on the web and Facebook.

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