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DAG NZ we are a global Disability Advisory Group formed some years ago, but we really started pushing our brand in the last 6 months.


I am a kiwi living in Whangarei I have attended many NZ video conferences from businesses and organizations talking about disability-related issues. Most events I do not enjoy. Some really annoy me. Ableism in NZ is so strong even the very organizations that are providers of disability services are really bad the disabled so often are spoken to like children, simply because people here fail to realize disabled people are normal people.


We are not dumbed-down versions of real people. Ableism is driving me mad, so hard to make progress when those in power lack disability awareness skills.


So being that my organization is global I was invited to speak at a zoom event run by the Chamber of Commerce Canada. The topic navigating workplace accommodation for those with disability. My god, it was so educational the way they do things in Canada is chalk and cheese compared with us. I saw acceptance, no sign of ableism because in Canada it is the law.


Honestly, I have a voice disability nobody in Canada knew that until I spoke, so when I did speak nobody batted an eyelid, my god in NZ people freak out or think I am a freak. So good. Now if only I can educate New Zealanders to accept, we are just people.

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