Disability Organisations A - E

Further Resources & Organisations:

Autism New Zealand:

Autism NZ provides support, training, advocacy, resources and information on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to those with these conditions, their family/whānau, caregivers and professionals.

Altogether Autism:

Altogether Autism is a nationwide information and advisory service for people living on the autism spectrum, their families/whānau and the professionals who work with them.


Altogether Autism is a service funded by the Ministry of Health. It is provided in partnership by Parent to Parent (see below) and Life Unlimited (a charitable trust whose mission is ‘to enhance individual wellbeing by enabling people to live the life they choose’).

Brain Injury Association:

The Brain Injury Association provides support, education and information services throughout New Zealand to people living with brain injuries.

Carers New Zealand:

Carers New Zealand is the national body supporting family, whānau and carers. It provides information, advice, learning and support for families with health and disability needs.

CCS - Disability Action:

CCS Action’s purpose is to strengthen communities and provide information, advocacy and support so people with disabilities are included in the life of their family and in their community. It also has 16 branches nationally that provide frontline support and services, create local awareness and education around disability issues.

Cerebral Palsy Society:

The Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand’s purpose is to enhance the lives and wellbeing of people with cerebral palsy. It provides programmes designed to enhance the independence and quality of life of people living with cerebral palsy and their families, and grants to its members for this purpose.

Complex Care Group Trust:

The Complex Care Group Trust is a support and information network run by and for careers who look after people with complex needs.


It provides up-to-date information and support to careers to help them navigate the many challenges they face and is also responsible for communicating to Ministry of Health, funders and other providers, the needs of this group.

D_A_G Testimonials

“For me, disability is a way of getting some extremity, some kind of very difficult situation, that throws an interesting light on people.” 

-Mark Haddon

Disability Organisations A - E

Further Resources & Organisations:

Continence NZ:

Continence NZ was established to provide a service to people with continence problems, caregivers, health professionals and the general public by providing information and education on continence topics.


Continence NZ contracted Sapere Research Group (Sapere) to undertake an independent analysis of the current state of continence services in District Health Boards (DHBs) in New Zealand.


eCALD is a website that hosts a range of resources to support the NZ health and disability workforce to develop competencies to work and engage with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) migrants and refugees from Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African (MELAA) backgrounds.


A range of cross cultural resources and publications providing responsive approaches to ensure equitable, culturally appropriate, effective and safe services and engagement with CALD groups.


Other resources on the website include translated resources, migrant and refugee services and news.

The Blind Foundation:

The Blind Foundation provides its members with adaptive skills, technology, resources and support with moving around (including through the use of guide dogs) and accessing information. It also provides services to the wider community, including: web accessibility consultation, accessible format production, built environment advice and awareness training.


Information on guide dogs – contact Blind Foundation Guide Dogs 09 269 0400

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