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D_A_G - Disability Organisations N - Z

NZ Federation Of Disability Information Centers:

Provides generic, impartial and accurate disability information through 23 community-based hubs across NZ.


Employs Information Consultants (20% with lived experience of disability) to assist people to navigate the disability support services sector.


Has expertise in community engagement and facilitating responsiveness in communities.


Is a respectful ally of disabled people, working together to ensure that New Zealand is a fully inclusive and accessible society where everyone has a good life.


Locate a centre close to you – there are 23 Member Centers throughout New Zealand


National free phone 0800 693 342

National Foundation for the Deaf:

The National Foundation for the Deaf works to promote the rights, interests and welfare of people with hearing loss. It offers support, prevention and advocacy programmes. The Foundation’s website publishes various resources.

New Zealand Disability Support Network:

The New Zealand Disability Support Network is a national association of disability support providers.

Le Va:

Le Va is the national hub for Pasifika mental health and addiction workforce development and coordination for the disability support services sector.

Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination Association:

The Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination Association (NASCA) is the national association for managers of NASC organisations. The Ministry of Health contracts these organisations to:


Work with people with disabilities to identify their strengths and support needs


Tell people about available support services


Determine people’s eligibility for Ministry of Health-funded support services


Allocate Ministry-funded support services


Help people access other supports.


Support services are then delivered by their respective service providers.

New Zealand Down Syndrome Association:

The New Zealand Down Syndrome Association promotes the participation of people with Down syndrome in their community. It provides:


Information, support, education and advocacy services for the Down syndrome community.


Support for parents and families/whānau.


Information resources and a quarterly journal.


Support for regional groups so that they can offer support and services to the Down syndrome community in their area through family events, social groups, guest speakers, individual support and advocacy.

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