Lifts In New Buildings

Up's & Down's


Do small wheelchair ramps or small lifts keep you downstairs, they do me, lifts and ramps are getting smaller at the time electric battery operated vehicles whether they are cars, wheelchairs, or mobility scooters are becoming more common, electric transport is here


This page will be about the accessibility of both lifts and wheelchair ramps, seems both are getting smaller.


I am a mobility Scooter user and a wheelchair user. I can walk but only a very small distance, I suffer great pain when walking, I am totally reliant on a walking stick and cannot walk at all without my walking stick.


For this reason when out and about I use a mobility scooter or wheelchair.


My mobility scooter is not much bigger than an electric wheelchair, no wider but about 30 cm longer than a wheelchair. Most big shops and many venues are mobility scooter accessible, but often ramps and lifts are not.


A really good example of this is my local library, I love to read and research The main library here in Whangarei is about nine years old downstairs accessibility is excellent but the lift is too small for access to the upstairs areas.

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