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Disability Advisory Group New Zealand is an online platform it is to ensure disabled persons perspectives are provided to the councils on the range of issues relating to disability and suggest courses of action to councils and Government that involve disabled people their thoughts opinions and collective knowledge.


The goals of the Disability Advisory Group online is to promote and improve understanding of disabled persons and disability issues that affect disabled persons, by better connecting with these people which will allow us to build relationships between disabled persons and the Government and local Councils using an online platform and social media to allow those disabled people and their families to better communicate with Government and local Councils.


Provide opportunities for disabled persons to be included and encouraged to be involved in decision making and help with problem-solving on all aspects of disability issues affecting them or their families. Provide accessibility advice to council on matters of accessibility urban design, planning and infrastructure. Accessibility is a human right, accessibility is my concern as CEO of Disability Advisory Group Online ORG I will lobby hard for accessibility rights.


Our online platform will allow far more people to be heard than the traditional Government and local Councils run. It is 2018 The news is online, online media like this platform is the future of advisory groups, no longer do you have to go to Government or Council meetings, put your concerns online and we encourage people to email there concerns to their councils on our links page you will find a link to your local council.

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