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We are our own sponsor but would love sponsors to come on board and help share the load. Our group of websites explained, firstly who are the people developing these websites and why are we making them.

Meet the person behind these. My name is Glen McMillan I became a disabled child in 1970 at the age of ten, I fell from my bike and hit my head. This was life-changing 4 years passed before I return to school. I got out of hospital aged 14.


This was the start of a life with a disability but also lots of ability, the ability to help others. So that is what I did and still do. I left school and took up a trade as an electronics technician. Over the years I have had many businesses and also I have been an advocate for many people in many areas including disability-related but also custody and legal issues.


I am disabled my body struggles sometimes, But my mind is strong and analytical. I use mind power to overcome barriers. On the subject of barriers and the creation of these websites, I was a disabled child I know and understand the struggles. I am now a disabled adult age does not improve disability. I feel I am a victim of ACC not playing by the rules.


So because I was once a disabled child when the opportunity came up to help and make life better for our current disabled children I happily used my skills to better the lives of others. Children with Disability NZ became a charity.


As I aged I found my disability slowed me down physically barriers were popping up not natural barriers but built barriers. It became clear I was living in a world built by and for able-bodied people. The disabled were being forgotten. I became deputy chair on my local council disability advisory group, this was so frustrating, group members gave their best but barriers remained. I started Disability Advisory Group NZ on the web and Facebook.


I wanted to run a professional organization with ears open, this has been done.


ACC In 2016 I had yet another accident which resulted in me losing my ability to safely move within the environment and society. ACC used underhanded tactics to decline the claim, I am my own lawyer I had them beat, but no they act outside the law. Now I needed help but could not find help, finally, after lots of stress, I found an ACC advocate, I struggled to accept I needed help. Help was so hard to find. ACC Advocates the website was born, finding an advocate was hard fighting ACC a huge battle. My website ACC Advocates NZ attempts to put as much correct information into the hands of people looking for help.

Our Sponsors:

We are currently self-funded so only have ourselves as sponsors, However, I do run a business Website Design Whangarei

The income from my business along will endless hours of effort supports currently three community-based websites listed below


Our costs include:


#1 Website hosting.

#2 Professional-grade software paid annually.

#3 Software one-off purchases.

#4 Facebook advertising.

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