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This disability advisory group is run by Glen McMillan born and raised in New Zealand I only speak one language English.


I think the lack of acceptance or awareness of disabled people is a worldwide problem. On this website, I am sharing a worldwide view. Ableism is primal and inherited through generations.


This can change but it will not be easy. We are putting together a lot of information and helpful links for our people the disabled, but more for our city planners. 


In New Zealand, we are 20 years behind other countries in planning and catering for people with disabilities. 


On a personal level, I am joining overseas experts in discussions on the needs of the disabled via video conferencing.

D_A_G - What We Think
D_A_G - What We Think

We Want You To Join In!

Locally through my work as a disability advocate, I was contacted by two women looking for a missing wheelchair swing. Now you would think a wheelchair swing would be hard to lose but our council had lost it and were not being very helpful.


But hey our kids needed that swing, so I said I would help. I found the swing quickly but the council was not keen on installing it anywhere as it was not needed.

I meet with the two women we decided to create a charity with a focus on providing disabled children an opportunity to play with the other kids.


Children with Disability NZ was created. We are a new Northland New Zealand-based registered charity CC59148.


This disability advisory group is just part of a bigger picture.

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